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Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Removal Here In Wetaskiwin

tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal in Leduc and Wetaskiwin

Dr Mahoney and his team near Leduc and Camrose are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that lasts, and will do everything in their power to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes a tooth extraction can be critical to your overall well-being and can help reserve your oral health.

When a tooth is jeopardizing your safety, or the health of your other teeth, Dr. Mahoney and his team will perform a professional tooth extraction for your protection.

A tooth extraction may become necessary if:

  • Your tooth has become severely decayed and infected to the extent that removal is the only way to keep the infection from spreading to your other teeth.
  • The infection in your tooth is severe enough that it could spread into your bloodstream and cause other more serious health problems.
get teeth pulled by a dentist in Wetaskiwin and Camrose

The Tooth Removal Procedure

  • When you come in to have your teeth pulled professionally in Wetaskiwin, Dr. Mahoney will begin by professionally numbing the area.
  • Once your mouth is sufficiently numb, you should feel only pressure when the tooth is removed.
  • Dr. Mahoney and his staff will do everything they can to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.
  • After your tooth is removed, Dr. Mahoney will discuss your restorative options for immediate tooth replacement.

Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Tooth removal may also be necessary for wisdom teeth if your dentist feels that the wisdom teeth will become impacted upon eruption. Impacted wisdom teeth push against the other teeth in your mouth, causing serious damage, tooth pain, and other problems. In most cases, if there isn’t enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to erupt, your dentist will recommend early wisdom teeth removal. If your wisdom teeth have already become impacted, Dr. Mahoney will refer you to a specialist who will perform a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

To find out more about tooth extraction, and to schedule an appointment in Wetaskiwin, call us at our office today. Even if you are in the surrounding areas of Leduc or Camrose, Dr. Mahoney is eager to meet with you!

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