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Oral Cancer Screening

Mouth Cancer Prevention In Wetaskiwin

oral cancer screening with a dentist Wetaskiwin and Leduc

Oral cancer, or mouth cancer, is a serious condition with serious consequences. Over half of the patients with mouth cancer die within five years of their diagnosis.

The later a patient with oral cancer is diagnosed and treated, the less likely the treatment is to be a success.

At Mahoney Dentistry near Leduc and Camrose, we protect our patients by offering regular oral cancer screenings. Every time you come into our office for a regular check up, Dr. Mahoney will personally check your mouth for signs of oral cancer. In addition to this routine check, we also recommend an oral cancer screening procedure at least once a year. We perform our professional oral cancer screenings with VELscope technology.

VELscope for Oral Cancer Screening

Patients in the Alberta and Wetaskiwin area can take advantage of VELscope technology when they come into our office for a regular cancer screening. VELscope is an award winning detection system that uses a wireless, handheld scope device with a florescent light specially designed to detect oral mucosal abnormalities that might have been overlooked by other detection technologies.

The Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

detect mouth cancer in Camrose and Leduc

At our office, we recommend early and frequent oral cancer screenings for several reasons:

  • Security | Patients who receive regular oral cancer screenings feel safer and more secure in their oral health.
  • Safety | If you or a loved one has oral cancer, the earlier the cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat. Once the cancer has spread, the success rate of treatment starts to decrease. The best way to keep yourself safe from the negative effects of oral cancer is to make sure its detected early.
  • Accuracy | Our oral cancer screenings are the most accurate way to ascertain whether you or a loved one has oral cancer.
  • Ease and Convenience | Oral cancer screenings are easy to administer and don’t take much time. You can feel confident in your oral health and keep yourself safe with minimal time investment or inconvenience.

To find out more about our oral cancer screenings in Wetaskiwin, and how you can protect yourself from oral cancer, contact us at our office today! Dr. Mahoney and his team have patients all over the Alberta area, from Leduc to Camrose!

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