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Botox Treatments

Dermal Fillers For Facial Aesthetics Near Leduc

cosmetic dentistry with Botox with a Wetaskiwin dentist near Leduc

Did you know that a botox treatment can improve the look and health of your smile? As modern dentistry advances, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our patients. We are pleased to offer botox treatment to our patients in the Wetaskiwin, Leduc, Camrose and other Albert areas. Dr. Mahoney and his team are the leaders in Canada for Botox, and are excited to be able to serve their patients with this unique, specialized treatment.

Whitening and other cosmetic services treat your teeth, but have you ever wanted a cosmetic procedure that can make your entire smile look better? Botox can aid patients looking for an easy way to enhance their smile and their health in several ways.

A couple of the ways our botox treatment can be used to enhance your facial aesthetic in Wetaskiwin are:

  • Botox treatment can get rid of the wrinkles surrounding your smile, helping you look younger and more healthy.
  • Our botox treatment can also help with hypermobile lip. If you have a gummy looking smile, and you’d like your smile to look a little more natural, our botox treatment could help. You can improve the appearance of the gum area in your mouth using our botox treatment without resorting to surgical means.

Botox and Bruxism

facial aesthetics with dermal fillers in Camrose and Wetaskiwin

Botox treatment can also be used to help patients who grind their teeth. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can have serious negative side effects if left unchecked. Some patients who grind their teeth, grind them while they’re sleeping and have no control over the habit.

Botox treatment can help teeth grinders avoid tooth damage and temporomandibular joint pain by relaxing the muscles in your jaw. Once the muscles in your jaw are relaxed, they will be less likely to grind your teeth, and you will enjoy greater oral health.

To find out more about our botox treatment, and how it can help improve your smile and your oral health, call our Wetaskiwin office today! Dr. Mahoney and his team are eager to meet with you if you are in the area, from Leduc to Camrose!

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