Dental Floss: Which Type is Best?

Along with brushing your teeth, flossing is the most important thing you can do for good dental health. There’s a varity of floss types to choose from. Which one is best for you? It depends. At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we’re using this space to summarize what’s available, and what might influence your […]

The Techno-Toothbrush

Are electric toothbrushes any better at cleaning your teeth than manual toothbrushes? The answer depends on who you ask, because both have their advocates. In this article from Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we aren’t going to recommend one over the other. We’re just going to take a look at the world of the […]

Get Your Teeth In Shape!

Get Your Teeth In Shape, Wetaskiwin!

These days everyone seems more health-conscious than ever. Many of us stay active and eat a balanced diet. When you feel good you smile more often. You want your smile to compliment and enhance your physical and mental condition. Here at Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we want all of our patients to have […]

Avoid These 5 Smile Wreckers

oral health hazards Wetaskiwin

We hope this post will alert blog visitors to some harmful oral health threats. At Dr. Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we treat too many cases of tooth decay and damage caused by the following: 1. Sports Injuries Many parents send their little ones out on the playing field with a mouthguard but fail […]

Tooth Tips For Traveling

Timothy G. Mahoney DDS Tooth Tips For Traveling

If you are scheduled for a long vacation or business trip, the team at Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin reminds you to take your dental health into account. It’s always a good idea to have a checkup prior to leaving on long vacations, especially if your trip is taking you to developing areas without […]