5 Ways To Floss Daily

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If you want to floss regularly but find that you’re usually too tired at night, this post from Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin is for you. We want to give you a few ideas for unique times to floss so you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you’re an early riser, try […]

To Chew Or Not To Chew

To Chew Or Not To Chew In Wetaskiwin

Hello gum chewers! In this post from Timonthy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin we’re going to talk about that sticky wad in your mouth. You know that it can freshen your breath, but doesn’t it put you at risk for tooth decay? It depends on the type of gum. Chewing regular sucrose-based gum can be […]

Hi, Wetaskiwin!

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At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we are committed to providing the best possible dental care for our patients. We want each one to be well-informed about their dental health and the services we provide them. We view ourselves as your first line of defense against dental issues. When you come in for a […]

Just Chill

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If you are one of those people who gets tense just thinking about your next dental checkup, you may benefit from sedation dentistry offered here at Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin. Millions of people stress out when they have to see the dentist. Some of them would rather skip the dentist altogether than sit […]

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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What constitutes a dental emergency? The dictionary says an emergency is an unforeseen crisis requiring immediate action. At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we think that’s about as good a definition as you’re going to find. Here’s a quick summary of five common dental emergencies: A broken or chipped tooth. This certainly meets the […]

How Do Implant Dentures Work?

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Dental implants are an ideal tooth restoration. They can restore anywhere from one to all missing teeth. Dental implants are available at Timothy G.Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the patient’s jaw. What makes implants so unique is that they actually fuse with the bone, to […]

Root Canal vs Dental Implant

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In this post from Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we are going to talk about root canals, tooth extraction, and dental implants. When a tooth’s nerve and pulp becomes infected, we make a judgment call: whether to try saving the tooth with root canal therapy, or extracting it. Sometimes patients think an extraction is […]