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Multi-Procedure Dental Visits Save Time And Hassle

If you are planning extensive cosmetic dentistry work, you may be wondering whether to do it all at once or one procedure at a time over an extended period. At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we have some factors

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Bright And Healthy Smiles

No one disputes the fact that bright and healthy smiles are attractive. Everybody likes to see a gorgeous smile, and having beautiful teeth is also healthy for your self esteem. Cosmetic dentistry from Timothy G. Mahoney in Wetaskiwin can give

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Feel Like A Movie Star With A Smile Makeover

When you see photos of famous actors and actresses, they all look like they have flawless teeth. Some may be natural. Some may be Photoshopped. At Dr. Timothy G. Mahoney in Wetaskiwin, cosmetic dentistry can give you a movie star

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Don’t Like Your Teeth? 5 Great Reasons To Get A Smile Makeover!

Do you love your smile? If the answer is, ‘Not really,’ then you may want to consider these 5 great reasons to get a cosmetic dentistry smile makeover from Dr. Timothy G. Mahoney in Wetaskiwin. Even one procedure can change

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Affordable Teeth Whitening?

At Dr. Timothy G. Mahoney in Wetaskiwin, we offer professional teeth whitening services. Sometimes, as we browse the Internet, we see online advertising for ‘free teeth whitening kits.’ Make no mistake, we do not consider them our competition: far from

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A Proud Dental Practice

Timothy G. Mahoney DDS is proud to serve not only Wetaskiwin but the greater Wetaskiwin area with general and cosmetic dentistry. Our skilled team consists of proud members of the community we serve. Are you proud of your smile? You

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Fun Floss Facts

You probably believe that the most crucial aspect regarding flossing is simply to do it every day. At Dr. Timothy G. Mahoney in Wetaskiwin, we agree. However, many people find that trying out different types of floss helps them to

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All Tooth Stains Are Not Created Equal

The team at Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin offers unmatched professional teeth whitening, one of the many cosmetic dentistry services we provide. The effectiveness of any teeth whitening depends partly on the types of stains and the patient’s teeth.

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When It’s Better Not To Brush

Though thin and partially translucent, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body and has the important job of protecting teeth from constant use and the continual assault of chemicals in food and drink. Enamel also guards tooth nerves

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3 Reasons Not To Skip A Dental Checkup

Life gets busy. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with everything you “gotta do”. At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we understand that. But don’t put your dental health at risk by canceling or postponing a checkup because

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