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Let’s Make A Plan

When you are devoted to reaching a goal, the difference between success and failure often comes down to whether or not you follow a plan. Inconsistent effort is scarcely ever effective. Do you have a goal to improve your smile?

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White Fillings

Hello! Welcome to the Timothy G. Mahoney DDS dental blog. If this your first visit, we hope you find useful information about our outstanding Wetaskiwin dental practice. If you have read some of our previous articles, we are glad you

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Behind The Scenes: Dental Crown Fabrication

Today’s post looks at the complex process required to construct a dental crown. Dental crowns can be constructed with metal, ceramic (porcelain), plastics, or varying combinations of these. We will describe the process used to create a porcelain crown, though

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5 Reasons To See Wetaskiwin’s Truly Amazing Dentist, Doctor Mahoney

When we are young, we feel invincible. We think we will live forever, and we know more than our parents. As we age, we soon discover that invincibility fades, forever isn’t as long as we thought, and we begin to

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It’s Not About Vanity

Since 1983, Timothy G. Mahoney, DDS has been providing confidence and dignity to our amazing Wetaskiwin and Wetaskiwin patients through cosmetic and general dentistry. Many Wetaskiwin people seem to have it all together with bright eyes and great smiles. We

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Missing Pieces In The Mouth Puzzle For Wetaskiwin

A 500-piece Eiffel Tower puzzle is still easy to recognize with 32 pieces missing. A 50-piece Kitten puzzle will probably still give warm fuzzies without 3 or 4 pieces in place. But, A 32-piece Dental puzzle is just not complete

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Cosmetic Dental Artistry

Wetaskiwin cosmetic dentistry is part science and part art. I’m Tim Mahoney of Timothy G. Mahoney DDS and enjoy using my extensive dental training and artistic skills to design treatment plans unique to each of my Wetaskiwin cosmetic dental patients.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction In Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin dental techniques and materials have advanced to a point where total and near-total mouth reconstruction is possible right here in the Camrose area. Unlike conventional removable dentures, extensive mouth reconstruction involves strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth with roots

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How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

Wetaskiwin endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists use dental crowns (sometimes called caps) in many restorative treatments. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, a crown can correct bite misalignments, and

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Sparkling Smiles At Timothy G. Mahoney, DDS

Welcome to the Timothy G. Mahoney, DDS dental blog, Wetaskiwin! I am Doctor Tim Mahoney. Today’s post focuses on teeth whitening. Unfortunately our teeth lose their luster as we grow older, but I see staining on young patients, as well.

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