How Do You Take Care of Dental Implants?

what are the types of treatment for tmj pain

What Are The Types of Treatment for TMJ Pain?

Do you suffer from random headaches in the morning, jaw pain, or toothaches? Our dentist in Wetaskiwin will examine your teeth, bite, and mouth and provide treatment to relieve your pain. Contact our office if you’re looking to receive TMJ treatment near you. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are essential to preventing oral health problems. …

teeth whitening safety tips

Teeth Whitening Safety Tips

Your smile says a lot about you. If you suffer from tooth discoloration, you may feel shy about your smile. Teeth whitening is a conservative and affordable way to improve your smile. Teeth whitening allows you to brighten your smile and quickly turn dull teeth into shinier, healthier-looking teeth. Teeth whitening is a unique cosmetic …

dental bridges vs dental implants

Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

Recent studies show that edentulous people face a decrease in their self-esteem. They are self-conscious about their smiles and feel embarrassed about interacting with other individuals. Luckily, there are many options to replace missing teeth. Receiving dental implants in Wetaskiwin is an excellent choice; however, you should seek professional guidance before deciding on a treatment. …