Six 10-Second Healthy Tooth Helps

Dental Implantation Vector Illustration. Sound Teeth And Dental Implant On Medical Illustration.

Extraction Is Not The End Game

Have you had a tooth extracted? You may be left with a gap in your smile. Unsightly as that may be, there is  more than the issue of appearance. At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we can address that with a state-of-the-art dental implant. Problems With Extracted Teeth After a tooth is extracted, the …

floss pick facts

Floss Pick Facts

At Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin, we urge all our patients to keep their teeth as clean as possible. But we know a lot of them want convenience. That’s why so many use floss picks instead of conventional dental floss. These little tools are quite handy. They usually have a handle that is pointed …

test your cosmetic dentistry iq

Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry IQ

Are you up on the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by Timothy G. Mahoney DDS in Wetaskiwin? Take our quiz and find out! 1. This popular treatment uses a dental composite that resembles enamel. This composite is applied to the surface of the teeth, sculpted, and then hardened and polished. A. Veneers B. Flossing C. …